Nvokez Asmodeus
nam, 31
31 tuổi, nam

Aug.31st 2020 My Most Recent Trap / Twerk Song Nasty sht by me :
vVV new yt channel link
Facts about me
× Im left handed
x knows the truth of how god and satan are 1 in the same being
x i do 808 Trap music /my own lyrics/ own production /sub me <3333. If you want scented black dick n nuts 2 suck n run all up n dat... Mix da pussy residue up wit my dick scent Sniff my nut sack hoe.... Youtube search #blvckcvlt x interested in tantra & sex magic
x im a Numerology #9
i like a wide variety of porno's from various years... you will see if you go threw enuff of the porn in my list...
/amateur/ /thots/ /classy/ /tantra so mature also/i like the old talk shows dat i used to watch along time ago dat used to cum on playboy channel before dey would fuck/ /the golden age of porn : Domonique Simone x Erika Bella / /i like b.d.s.m./ /solo vids pussy masturbate/ /the ghetto booty volumes/ /the booty talk volumes/ /the bullshit ass metro volumes/ /all the moma and daughter volumes/ lesbian/ hentai/ cartoon//vintage/70s/80s/and more
I like Italian pörn very fluent body movements/expression
comfortable around women of all sorts
note: grafenberg is the actual name of the g - spot..
found in the woman's anatomy by Ernst Gräfenberg
Ernst Gräfenberg was a German-born physician (medical doctor) and scientist.
i dont have a specific body type that i like wen it Cums 2 women...or ethnicity/color 4 that matter
but ass you no...black dick is good 4 the white woman's soul... n shouts out 2 all my nasty black african sistas
im very mature person when it comes to alot of things.. i have an open mind..im interested in alot of things that i will share to my best of ability on here...
im black *4 all i no* & i dont really like chicken or *pastique = watermelon in French*
Italian food is also *currently* my favorite food
*Updated august 31st - 2020 @ 9:04pm*
$ub me if like 2 buss nutz more than money :ppp

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