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Jodie Johnson

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Slim, curly-haired cutie Jodie Johnson has one of the biggest dicks in the biz, which every cumslut wants to suck, blow, and ride on! When the self-proclaimed "nerd with a fat cock" gets his clothes off in front of a beautiful woman, his sexual prowess takes over, and he can pound a pussy to orgasm heaven multiple times! Moreover, the Californian native can handle more than just pussy; Jodie also has the ability to operate an aircraft carrier! You can often catch the multitalented performer collaborating with his girlfriend, fellow pornstar Satine Summers, and the pair love to show off their naughty antics in front of the camera, with Jodie saying that he could watch Satine bounce all day. When the well-hung love magnet isn't busy drilling pussy on set, he enjoys jiu jitsu, hiking, and traveling the world. Check out vag lover Jodie’s incredible fucking and licking skills in the scenes below! 

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